Quitting my first job out of college, changing career paths & making big scary decisions —

As far as mind altering, life changing epiphanies go, the delivery of mine was exceptionally white collar. It was a winter afternoon at my office in downtown Manhattan and my editor asked me to write up a quick story about an NHL trade that just happened. I couldn’t tell you what teams or players were involved but we weren’t talking about a blockbuster P.K. Subban for Patrik Laine type of trade. Your everyday hockey fan would probably hear about it, do that frown-while-nodding thing and carry on

5 lessons we can all learn from the Coronavirus pandemic —

We find ourselves in a scary, uncertain moment with the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone’s lives are being impacted by the virus and it’s an intensely stressful time. Moments like this always seem to be a catalyst for all different kinds of change. If we’re being honest, there’s not much we have power over but ourselves. The fear, anxiety and sadness of what’s happening is enough to cripple us or turn us into the people from WALL-E if we let it. I propose an alternative route. This is happening for

America the beautiful: A culture obsessed with body image —

I looked noticeably bigger. It wasn’t an insignificant size difference, either. Did I manage to gain 15 pounds during my 26-hour trip home? Were the mirrors in the States different from the mirrors in Australia and Vietnam? I didn’t understand what was happening. Sure, I wasn’t on a regimented diet or exercise plan during my travels but if I wasn’t spending part of the day hiking or trekking around with a 50 pound bag on my back, I was going for a run to get my daily exercise in. And yes, I wa